Directeur de la Photographie

Samsung - Michel Troisgros

Michel Troisgros is the third generation owner of a Michelin 3-star restaurant since 1968, remarkably keeping the same high reputation for several decades. He is a true innovator in the culinary world, and he combines exceptional level of craftsmanship and creativity in every meal. As the leader of Samsung Club des Chefs, Michel is undoubtedly one of the rare chefs of the world who stand for excellence with continuity.

Agence : Extreme

Production : Studio UMAMI

Music : Studio L'ilot - Laurent Voloch

Director : Valentin Naffetat

Samsung's ultimate aim is to spread that passion and allow people to experience it. At IFA 2015, Samsung communicated with media and consumers in a revolutionnary way during a show called "Ciné des Chefs". Through one of Samsung's latest innovations, audiences in Berlin suddenly found themselves in Michel's kitchen garden near Lyon, France.

Agency : Extreme

Production : Okio studio

Culinar Consulting : Valentin Naffetat